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With OVERLOAD’s scientifically advanced exercise system and equipment you will reach your maximum fitness in less than one hour of exercise a week.


OVERLOAD in a Snapshot…

  • High intensity-low force total body strength training program
  • Twice a week for 20 minutes
  • Clinically controlled environment (room temperature maintained at 62 degrees F, Private, distraction-free environment (no music, no mirrors, no loud clients or instructors)
  • State-of-the-art (scientifically advanced) equipment (engineered to provide low friction and match human muscle joint function)
  • By appointment only

Recent Testimonials (See All)

The Overload high intensity training protocol has been an essential part of my life for almost 20 years. I believe it has helped me to stay young and active. I am proud to have trained withKen Hutchins, the founder of the protocol and with Josh Trentine, the founder of Overload, as well as my ongoing work with the excellent team of dedicated and accomplished trainers at Overload. Carol Wittman
Joe joined Overload Fitness first. After a few months of seeing his progress I joined. We have been very happy with our results individually and as a couple. Coming to Overload Fitness throughout my pregnancy helped strengthen my ever-changing body, give me endurance through labor and help with my quick recovery. Both Joe and myself enjoy working with and being challenged by such a talented group of trainers. Jaime & Joe Jozic
Renee: When I read about an exercise facility that gave you an intense work out in only 20 minutes without sweating, I was intrigued to say the least. Josh took me through the consultation and then I got excited. Ok, let's see how this goes...A short while later I talked Greg into trying it. 

 Greg: I was a little hesitant because I have my routine at home but I gave into my wife. Renee kept telling me that this was something different. After a few sessions, I realized that the workout that I was receiving at Overload couldn't be duplicated on my own. I was hooked. 

 Chanel: My Mom gave me a promotional card and I thought I would give it a try. I wasn't too sure about it because I was used to my daily workout at the gym. I gave it a try and love the fact that I can get a complete workout in 20 minutes instead of having to carve out an hour and a half of my evening. Greg & Renee Morris and Chanel Piunno
I used to have back spasms maybe twice each year and I would go down for two or three days. Ultimately those occurrences began to escalate. I first joined Overload to strengthen my lower back. After six or seven months of Overload strength training, I finally improved. The occurrences of those difficult spasms continued to improve to the point that I might have a flare up once a year. I was (and still am) a believer. Out of nowhere in October 2010, I had a stroke. My entire right side was basically gone: unable to lift my arm, unable to stand or walk. After 17 days in acute in-patient rehab, I could walk reasonably with a cane, but was far from normal. I happened to bump into Overload co-founder Josh Trentine and we talked about my condition. It was evident that besides the excellent outpatient occupational and physical therapy that I was receiving, Josh felt Overload strength training would help my recovery immeasurably. He was absolutely right! Today I no longer do either occupational or physical therapy, but I do Overload every week. My strength is back to greater than it was before the stroke. I am back to skiing and am able to enjoy everything that I could ever do before! Ken Dery
Four years ago I was 55 years of age and falling apart. I had just come off of my second surgery on my left shoulder, had just torn a meniscus in my right knee and my right shoulder was freezing up and likely required surgery as well. I hurt every time I played golf, could no longer split wood at our cabin in the woods, and generally felt like my joints were loose. I of course was solving the problem by going to the gym, working out more reps and "whipping myself back into shape" - on a very irregular basis due to my schedule running a startup business. My wife had begun going to Overload and told me I could do more in a 20 minute workout. I scoffed at her - until she started to become noticeably stronger and leaner. So out of self defense I went in to see what she was talking about. Overload changed my life. It is just a 15 minute slot in my busy schedule once per week. I have always been in fairly good shape. But In four years, I shed 15 pounds, two inches in the waste, strengthened my bad shoulder, my worse shoulder, avoided surgery on my right knee and shoulder, I play golf as much as possible with no pain. All great stuff. I recommended the workout to others in my family. My 88 year old parents became Dr. Mcguff's oldest clients in Seneca, SC. My sister goes to a similar place in Atlanta, all with incredible results for health and wellness. Unfortunately, Overload has proven that my wife is smarter than me. And now I no longer have an excuse to have the young folks split my firewood. Art Fritts
The Overload training system is something I wish I had access to when I played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. When I trained in the past, it was about long hours and hundreds of reps to achieve my goals. Now I focus on both the positive and negative phases of the exercise and not just trying to lift as much weight as possible. It takes less time and I feel better now more so then I did in my playing days, and with all of my injury problems that is saying a lot! Thanks Overload! Austin Carr, The Cleveland Cavaliers
I was a 53 year old guy, who never lifted weights. I had a bad knee and a sllightly cranky back and needed to lose some weight, but mostly wanted to get into shape to keep my golf game at top form until age 70-75. I started the program, did a little nutrition monitoring and here I am 3 years later with 46lbs off my back and knees. My clothes all fit better, my back and knee are really strong and my golf game is improved; I actually qualifies for the U.S. Senior Amatuer in Orlando Florida and finished in the top hundred nationally. I truly think i was headed for a knee replacement and loss of ability on the golf course if not for the Overload program. The trainers are all excellent and the 20 minutes twice a week is perfect for me. I also got my wife into the program and she lost 2 dress sizes and is fully satisfied with the results. This is probably the only thing i have ever done in my life for me and I am sure this will pay for itself with the the savings we both get in lower healthcare expenses in the future. Thank you all for all you have done for me and I truly appreciate your mental and physical support. I look forward to the next 20 years on the program. Jim Harless
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