Joshua Trentine has always been fascinated by physical culture starting in his early teens. It was this fascination that has given him a broad spectrum of knowledge in the health and fitness industry. Joshua has an extensive background in physical therapy and nutrition and fitness. He has used his extensive knowledge to achieve the highest level (Professional) in the natural drug-free body building arena. Joshua has used his expertise and personal experience to help hundreds of clients achieve their health and fitness goals in minimal time spent away from their daily lives.

Joshua has been featured on Super Human Radio, ESPN Radio, The Cleveland Connection (CBS Radio), That’s Life with Robin Swoboda, FOX 8 News and countless other on-line forums and discussion groups. Joshua also does public speaking and has contributed to several publications throughout his career. He is a well respected and sought after authority in the High-Intensity community and the founder of Overload Fitness.

Kristina has been a part of the OVERLOAD Team since November 2006.  Her educational background is in the biological sciences, which gave her a wonderful background in anatomy and the scientific process.  This led to a natural pairing with OVERLOAD Fitness.  Once she got introduced to Joshua Trentine, the owner, she jumped in head first into her first real workouts.  This scientific approach was way different from anything she had experienced during high school and collegiate sports.  After several years training in this manner she became a trainer to expand her knowledge of the subject and actively participate in giving people the tools and strength they need to enjoy life.

When she’s not working at OVERLOAD, Kristina enjoys 4-wheeling and camping, playing with her dogs and spending time with her family.  Kristina has some long-term goals to travel and see as much of the world as she can.  Something interesting about her you may not know is that she enjoys cooking and trying new and different taste sensations.

Al is the Director of Education for RenEx and a RenEx Instructor at OVERLOAD Fitness. He brings to OVERLOAD close to 14 years of experience of refining the RenEx Protocol for the everyday man.

Albert enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, Risa and Brooke, reading, and philosophizing about things that mainly don’t matter.

jessieAfter attending Arizona State University for three years, Jessie decided to return to her hometown of Cleveland.  She transferred to Cleveland State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Sports Management.  Following graduation, Jessie became interested in the field of personal training and the idea of helping others achieve their fitness and personal goals.  OVERLOAD Fitness became the perfect fit and she joined the team in June 2012.

Jessie stays busy outside of OVERLOAD by playing soccer, traveling back to Arizona, and chasing after her dog.  She recently made the move to being an east-sider after purchasing a house in the Lyndhurst area.

candiceCandice graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Sociology.  She started her professional career at the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and later moved into the paralegal field.  After several years of sitting at a desk, she knew she needed a healthy career change.  She joined the OVERLOAD team in August of 2011.

Athletics have always played an important role in Candice’s life.  She played four sports through high school, was a collegiate softball player, a kickboxing instructor, and an avid skier.  With that being said, her first few training sessions at OVERLOAD Fitness challenged her to a physical and mental degree she had yet experienced during exercise.  She was immediately hooked!  Her passion in training others to reach their strength and fitness goals’ continues to grow with each session.

Something you may find interesting about Candice is that she gives herself a challenge every year on her birthday.  She backpacked around Australia, went vegetarian for a year, and even rode her bicycle across the United States.  Her last birthday was her biggest challenge so far…she had a baby!

JulieAfter attending two years at West Virginia University, Julie transferred to Cleveland State where she finished up her last two years with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. Julie has always been interested in health and fitness. Her passion grew deeper as she started helping her friends and family live a healthier lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. When she found out about OVERLOAD via the internet she knew it would be the perfect fit for her and her love of helping others.

In Julie’s free time she loves to be outdoors biking, hiking, skiing, and taking her dog to the park. Julie also travels to Asheville, North Carolina as often as she can to visit her family. She’s a die hard Cleveland fan and enjoys attending all the Cleveland sporting events. She also loves to check out new, local restaurants and festivals around the city with her friends.

ZachZach grew up in Chardon Ohio. In 2015 he graduated from John Carroll University with an undergraduate degree in exercise science.

While attending JCU, he played football for the university for two years before suffering an injury and having to hang up the cleats for good. His interest in fitness led him to pursue a path that would help others change their lives for the better.

As a corollary to his interest in fitness, Zach grew an interest in physical therapy as a result of having to personally go through it with injuries of his own. It was the clinical nature of physical therapy which led him to search for an exercise protocol that conducted itself in a clinical nature. It was during that search that he chanced upon the Overload protocol.

Zach is extremely happy to get a chance to join the team and hopes to continue to grow in his knowledge and understanding of proper health and fitness.

In his spare time he enjoys all Cleveland sports, is a movie fanatic, loves animals, and loves spending time with friends and family. In addition, Zach is an active bowling competitor.