A life changing experience

A life changing experience is an apt description of OVERLOAD….On November 13, 2006, some six months ago, I began twenty minute workouts twice a week under the watchful eye of an energetic owner and motivated staff. The personal trainers are a focused group that encourages you to do your very best each and every workout session. It is the very best of health insurance without a contract. I have personally lost fifty three pounds in weight, lost major inches in the waistline and improved my energy level. As a known diabetic of thirteen years and at fifty-seven years of age I felt I needed to do something to keep up with my nine-year old twin daughters. Well, I did it! OVERLOAD was the answer. Health wise I have reduced my medications in half, curtailed completely an acid-reflux problems and enjoy a fitful sleep each and every night. The way of life OVERLOAD offers is priceless. It has now and always will be a part of my life. — G. Timothy Marshall, The Law Office of G. Timothy Marshall, Attorney and Counselor at Law