Proper Attire

Proper Attire for Your Overload Workout


Dress Cool. During your workout it is important to remain cool. Wear clothing that optimizes cooling and permits your instructor to see your major joints. Alignment and form discrepancies are difficult to criticize if your instructor cannot accurately estimate the position of your shoulders, elbows, and knees. Most appropriate is a short-sleeved tee shirt with flexible shorts and some comfortable sneakers or gym shoes. For safety and consistent positioning in leg press, always wear shoes. Dispense with caps and hats. Remove keys, wallets, change, and any other nonessential bulk from your pockets. Avoid belts, especially those with large buckles that threaten to tear upholstery. If you are required to carry a pager, keep it nearby, but not on your person. Do not wear denim, even in the form of cutoff jeans. Denim is hot, inflexible, and is often trimmed with small metal buttons and sometimes rivets that can tear upholstery. Hint: Do not base your workout apparel selection on the prevailing outdoor weather. You must remain cool during your workout for safety’s sake and in order to concentrate no matter that cool weather requires heavy clothing on the outside. Also refrain from weather shoulder pads or other fashions that may deceive the technical eye of your instructor. Baggy clothing can obviate appraisal of your movements. It occasionally hangs on machinery thereby injuring the subject as he is suddenly grabbed and jolted when he moves past it. If you make a routine to dress in special clothing for your workout, eventually your mind and attitude will automatically tune in to the workout.