I shed 15 pounds, two inches in the waste

Art FrittsFour years ago I was 55 years of age and falling apart.  I had just come off of my second surgery on my left shoulder, had just torn a meniscus in my right knee and my right shoulder was freezing up and likely required surgery as well.  I hurt every time I played golf, could no longer split wood at our cabin in the woods, and generally felt like my joints were loose.  I of course was solving the problem by going to the gym, working out more reps and “whipping myself back into shape” – on a very irregular basis due to my schedule running a startup business.  


My wife had begun going to Overload and told me I could do more in a 20 minute workout.  I scoffed at her – until she started to become noticeably stronger and leaner.  So out of self defense I went in to see what she was talking about.  


Overload changed my life.  It is just a 15 minute slot in my busy schedule once per week.  I have always been in fairly good shape.  But In four years, I shed 15 pounds, two inches in the waste, strengthened my bad shoulder, my worse shoulder, avoided surgery on my right knee and shoulder, I play golf as much as possible with no pain.  All great stuff.  


I recommended the workout to others in my family.  My 88 year old parents became Dr. Mcguff’s oldest clients in Seneca, SC.  My sister goes to a similar place in Atlanta, all with incredible results for health and wellness.


Unfortunately, Overload has proven that my wife is smarter than me.  And now I no longer have an excuse to have the young folks split my firewood.


Art Fritts