Team Overload

Westlake Personal TrainerJosh Trentine:

  • NGA Professional Bodybuilder
  • IDFA Professional Bodybuilder
  • Member of Team USA at the World natural Championships (Paris, France)
  • Pro Mr. Universe competitor




Westlake Personal Trainer

Jeff Tomaszewski:

  • 2006 NPC Natural Northern USA- 3rd place Open Bantam
  • 2006 NGA Olympus- 1st place Open Lightweight
  • 2006 IDFA CCII- 1st place Open Lighweight (pro card)




 Westlake Personal TrainerMike Bianchi:

  • 2006 NGA Can/Am- 2nd place Novice Lightweight
  • 2006 NPC Natural Northern USA- 5th place Open Bantam
  • 2006 NGA Olympus- 1st place Novice Lightweight
  • 2006 IDFA CCII- 1st place Novice Lightweight



Westlake Personal TrainerMark Schmitt:

  • 2006 NGA Can/Am – 2nd place Teenage, 2nd place Novice Heavywieght
  • 2006 NPC Natural Northern USA – 1st place Teenage
  • 2006 NGA Olympus- 1st place Teenage, 2nd place Novice Heavyweight
  • 2006 IDFA CCII- 2nd place Novice Heavyweight
  • 2007 NGA Can/Am- 2nd place Novice Heavyweight, 3rd place Open Ligh Heavyweght


Steve Young (Overload Client):

  • 2007 IDFA CCIII -(first competition ever!) 3rd place Masters +50, 3rd place Novice Heavyweight

About Those You See Above!

The Overload protocol not only keeps the average person healthy and in optimum shape, it helps bodybuilders win titles. In the fall of 2005, three members of the Overload team competed in natural (drug-free) bodybuilding competitions throughout the country and around the world, following customized Overload exercise and nutrition programs.

After over three months of hard work, Overload President and Founder Joshua Trentine, Vice President Jeff Tomaszewski, and Mike Bianchi (Manager of the Beachwood facility) arrived in Buffalo, NY for the NGA Olympus on October 22, 2005.

Josh has competed naturally since he was twenty-one. However, Jeff and Mike had never attempted a competition. They both decided to diet with Josh for his upcoming competition. The goal was to just take some pictures to show what Overload strength training and precise nutrition could result in. Halfway through the diet both Jeff and Mike decided to enter the competition in Buffalo as novice competitors.

After a long day of competition, the results were in! Jeff took first and Mike took third in the Novice Lightweight class. Jeff was also named the Overall Champion in the Men’s Novice Division.

Joshua took first in the Open Lightheavy class, and second in the Overall before being invited to represent the United States at the World Championships in Paris in November.

The following week, Joshua headed to Toronto for the NGA Canadian Classic, where he again took his weight class before placing second in the overall.

Joshua’s next competition, the NGA USA Championships in Florida, was unfortunately cancelled due to the aftereffects of Hurricane Katrina.

Off to France for the World Championships! This was Joshua’s first trip overseas and first international competition. After over four months of hard training and dieting, Joshua found himself in world-class condition, and tied for sixth place in Paris, securing himself a place on Team USA for the 2006 competition in Bolzano, Italy.

Mike opted to compete this spring, placing fifth in a non-tested competition, and second in the spring Buffalo contest, an improvement over his performance last fall.

All three bodybuilders look forward to competing this fall, as the summer of strict dieting grows closer every day.

Mark Schmitt – Overload Beachwood, March 31, 2006


Dear Clients and Anyone Affiliated with
Overload Personal Training:

The intention of this letter is a personal testimonial to the scientific exercise program that this company offers and to commend the owners and trainers that run this operation.

First I’d like to start with Josh Trentine. As many of you know or could quickly tell after walking in to his office, Josh has been competing in natural bodybuilding competitions for many years. At the age of 36, he has an amazing amount of knowledge, experience and education in the field of exercise and nutrition in addition with being a very successful bodybuilder.

I had seen Josh a couple times at a local gym I used to work out at. Since I was just starting to get into bodybuilding, he caught my attention for his body shape and his workout techniques. I never said anything to him nor did he ever have any conversation with me. It wasn’t until this past December 2005, did Josh finally come up to me and my training partner one night after a workout and ask if we were bodybuilders. We said yes and then learned of his long past with the sport. For the next three weeks I saw Josh a couple times, asked him some questions and he even let me train with him a couple times. It was at that point that he asked me when the next time I was going to compete was, which I told him that I planned to compete for the first time this April 2006. Josh noticed and complimented me on my dedication and seriousness to the sport and invited me to come in and shadow him in his personal training facility. I had no idea as to what type of training program he had and all he told me was, “it is nothing you have ever seen before.” I was amazed immediately and quickly picked up on the concept of HIT training. I then got the pleasure to shadow again under other owner, Jeff, and trainer, Mike, who both displayed the utmost commitment to their field as well as received me with open arms.

The day after Christmas I began my 15 week diet to prepare for the upcoming competition. I had no idea where to begin as far as how to adjust my diet and training regimen. Naturally I turned to Josh for help. This man, for all his knowledge and education, didn’t blow me off for only being an 18 year old about to turn 19 year old kid. For an individual of that caliber to be so helpful to another person, which he had only known for a couple of weeks, is one of the most commendable and respectable actions I have ever witnessed. Week after week Josh would check in with me ask me how I was doing and let me rack his brain with questions. He even went a step further in providing me with his personal telephone number that I could reach him at. So at this point, at least on my part, I felt as though I had made a new friend in Josh. When I would get in a rut or hit a plateau, Josh was there with an answer and when I was doing good he was there with support and continued to push me. It seemed that he was never too proud or too busy to help me, which goes to show the type of individual he is. Josh gave me more help, support, and motivation than anyone else next to my immediate family throughout this whole process and for that I am forever grateful!

I say this next sentence with all the sincerity and seriousness I can. Without ever meeting Josh and having him to guide me through my first bodybuilding experience I would NEVER have been prepared to compete and / or would have gone about it the wrong way!

Josh also told me of many research studies and bulletins to read about HIT training over the last couple months which I completed. Through those readings, shadowing, and talking with Josh, I now feel like I have a base of what the program is all about. I too initially had a hard time accepting that you could achieve results from such short duration workouts. However, I am now a firm believer in the program and will continue to adapt my training to it. Through the past 14 weeks I have tried to use HIT workouts and exercises and I cannot believe the results! So I hope that if anyone has doubts on the effectiveness of what these trainers offer, to give them your 100% effort and I guarantee that they will make the changes you want to see!

I purposely wanted to write this letter before I actually compete, because I wanted to stress that I personally don’t care what my outcome is in the competition, whether I come in first place or last place is not important. What is important is that I made a new friend in Josh, made a long journey in a body transformation that I have never seen before and never believed I would do. The amount of knowledge I have learned is priceless. This program and these trainers are for real! There is no miracle pill or fancy gym equipment you could buy. HIT training is the right way to train your body and the individuals that are guiding you are the right ones for the job!

I wish everyone the best of luck with whatever your goal is. I’m excited to finally complete the first step in my journey and hopefully do Josh proud!

Sincerely & Gratefully,

Mark Schmitt

December 26 2005: 238lbs (off season)

April 8 2006: 191.5lbs (contest weight)
Overload Builds Champions