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Overload Fitness provides clients with the most time efficient and productive High Intensity Strength Training, Nutritional Consulting, and Post-Rehabilitation experience possible in a highly consistent professional manner in the most clinically controlled state-of-the art facilities in the industry.

With OVERLOAD’s scientifically advanced exercise system and equipment you will reach your maximum fitness in less than one hour of exercise a week.

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Pain & Gain Stats

 Joint Pain Reduced By:  96%
 Back Pain Reduced By:    91%
  Increased Muscle Gains 98%
Increased Stamina 85%

Have you had issues with lower back and joint pain?

Our state of the art scientific machines have been engineered to reduce lower back and joint pains.  If you have been struggling throughout your daily life with a consistent nagging pain, then Overload might be the place for you.

Not only are our machines specifically designed to fit your needs, but our personal trainers cater towards physical therapy.


    We focus on increasing your range of mobility in a manner that keeps stress off of your joints and spine.


    Throughout your session(s) you’ll rapidly begin to increase your muscular strength while removing tensions that will in turn result in pain reduction.


    Throughout the process of relieving some of the chronic pain, we will be increasing your strength rapidly.

Muscle growth and stamina like never before.

High intensity-low force total body strength training program.  Twice a week for 20 minutes in a clinically controlled environment:  Room temperature maintained at 62 degrees F, Private, distraction-free environment (no music, no mirrors, no loud clients or instructors).  State-of-the-art (scientifically advanced) equipment (engineered to provide low friction and match human muscle joint function).


    Our high-intensity strength training protocol was developed upon careful study of exercise history, joint function, and muscle physiology.


    How much time do you currently spend exercising? As someone who values your time and your health, OVERLOAD’S 30 minute workouts are your solution.


    Each of your workouts is personally supervised by a qualified exercise practitioner in a clinically controlled distraction-free environment.

Overload is your fitness solution!

If you are like most people, finding time in your busy schedule to exercise is a challenge. The good news is you do not have to spend your life in the gym to be fit and healthy. Two-thirty minute sessions per week with OVERLOAD is all you need to achieve maximum fitness. Exercise is no different than most other things in life; it is not the quantity but the quality that makes the difference.

Regardless of your age or fitness level, OVERLOAD offers you the safest and most effective system of achieving your fitness goals.


    Overload Fitness offers an initial personal training consultation.  If you are interested in learning more about our personal training opportunities click here.


    Achieve never before imagined results in pain management and overall health.  See the success stories of our members here.

Interesting Facts

You are not required to workout more than 2 days per week.
We take privacy and security seriously.  (Extremely Private)
You will workout in less time than ever before and achieve greater results.
We have the most scientifically advanced equipment in the United States.

What We Focus On

Membership Options Available

Treat Overload Fitness like your home.

Scientifically Inclined

Highest rating for the most scientific equipment in the U.S.A

Feel The Burn

You’ll push your muscles to whole new levels in ways never before imagined.

Custom Personal Workout Goals

Your progress, charted just the way you want it!

Take advantage of our $150 initial consultation and sample training and access to Overload Fitness today.

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 Our Team

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Owner & Founder

  • Awards: 11
  • Body Building, Fitness Science
  • Experience: 20+ years
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Director of Education, Personal Trainer

  • Awards: 3
  • RenEx Protocol
  • Experience: 15+ years
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Manager & Trainer

  • Awards: 3
  • Biological Sciences, Anatomy
  • Experience: 10+ years
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Head Administrator, Personal Trainer

  • Awards: 1
  • Sports Management, Personal Training
  • Experience: 8+ years


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Personal Trainer

  • Awards: 0
  • Exercise Science, Personal Training
  • Experience: 3+ years
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Personal Trainer

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  • Body Building, Jiu-Jitsu
  • Experience: 10+ years



We have the most advanced equipment & industry leading personal trainers to help you achieve your goals.

The myriad of scientific equipment located at Overload Fitness makes us the most sought out after gym in the United States for smart thinkers.

Reduce your back & joint pains & increase your muscle gains today!

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