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I have met and trained with a number of good bodybuilders over the past 30 years, but Joshua Trentine is perhaps the most impressive. He is at least, pound for pound, the strongest natural athlete I have ever encountered. For a mature and seasoned bodybuilder, he is still quite open-minded to new concepts. I have greatly enjoyed our visits and exchange of information.

In the past, I had not given much attention to the Hutchins’ protocols of exercise. However, through Joshua I’ve come to appreciate the concepts and techniques involved in such training. Utilizing its principles, he has been very successful in his OVERLOAD Fitness personal training initiatives. He has recently established a business arrangement with Ken Hutchins regarding the advancements in the technologies of this packaged, holistic training system.

Joshua also practices what he preaches. Adding his own touch, he has incorporated many of the Hutchins’ techniques into his own training arsenal used for his competitive bodybuilding preparation. As a drug-free competitor, Joshua has spent years honing his physique beginning back in 1993, culminating with a NGA Natural Mr. USA in 2006; he earned professional status as a result. This enduring tenacity and work ethic forged a wealth of experience which Joshua has amply demonstrated by bringing many others to great success in natural bodybuilding.

Titles aside, I have had the privilege to work out with him personally and can vouch for his extensive knowledge and keen sense of training. Joshua knows his stuff and will become a significant voice in the bodybuilding and general fitness industry. He is an amazing young man.

– Randy Roach,
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Author of “Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors”

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