Overload Fitness “Stop The Confusion Fitness Seminars and Workshops”

In Our Workshops Learn a Simple, Proven, Lasting Approach to living in a Healthy, Firm, and Fit Body! Overload FItness Corporate Fitness Seminars.

We at Overload Fitness believe in preventing health symptoms and problems before they start. Overload Fitness can bring fitness to your workplace! We can customize a health and wellness presentation and workshop to meet the needs of your company or group. We provide seminars tailored to your employee population’s interests, concerns, and time constraints.

We’ve done several “lunch and learns” as well as half-day seminars that have proven to help your workforce cut through the misinformation about health, food, and fitness that keep so many people from living healthier, more energetic lives. We bring an information-packed, well-received program to YOU. The result is a re-energized employee population that knows you care about their health.

Program elements can include:

  • Eating supportively for optimum health
  • The truth about diets and why they don’t work
  • Strength training for a longer life
  • How to structure energizing snacks to get you through hectic days
  • How to incorporate fitness into a busy lifestyle
  • Plus many more options

We’re eager to hear about your needs and how we can help your employees become healthier and more productive. To inquire about our programs, submit the online form or call us 216-292-7569 to discuss your specific needs. A healthier workforce is a happier and more productive workforce. We can customize your program with:

  • Pre-seminar surveying to tailor program to your employees
  • Flexible program length
  • Takeaway materials and sources
  • Individual counseling (by pre-arrangement)
  • Follow-up seminars and checkups

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“9 Good Reason’s Why You’d Be Crazy To Not At Least Give Overload Fitness’s Health and Fitness Program A Shot!”


  1. Accountability: We educate, support and guide you every step of the way, applying just the right amount of pressure to make sure you follow through!
  2. Science: There’s NO gimmicks – our system is based on pure science (anatomy and physiology, physics, biomechanics, and psychology). We use resistance training to strengthen your muscles (to get your metabolism revved up!) and we address your nutrition (to keep your metabolism stoked!).
  3. Track Record: We’ve helped almost 1,000 other folks successfully lose weight, look great and feel like the best they have in years. Follow our system and you’ll get the same!
  4. Motivation: We know how to get you going FAST and keep you going, so the results come quickly!
  5. Expertise: You’re coached and trained by a Certified, highly trained fitness and weight loss EXPERT (not some college kid trying to make a buck or some ex jock counting reps)!
  6. Structure & Consistency: Let’s face it, this is where the breakdown almost always occurs. We keep you on track, moving forward, so you see and feel the results quickly.
  7. Customization: Your program is created for YOU, based on what YOU need, ensuring you reach your goals quickly and with 100% certainty!
  8. Efficiency: We know you’re busy, we get you in and get you out in 30 minutes or less, at your convenience, so you can continue with your busy day.
  9. You Are Not Alone Anymore: Going it alone doesn’t work, Overload Fitness does!
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