High Intensity Training

Our unique high-intensity exercise system produces maximum results for any fitness goal in the shortest time frame possible. In two, sweat-free, 30 minute workouts per week you will achieve greater results from exercise than you have ever imagined. All workouts are one on one with an Overload exercise practitioner and take place in a clinically controlled environment. Overload high-intensity strength training is the safest, the most effective, and the most time efficient form of exercise. We guarantee that high-intensity strength training at Overload is like no other workout you have ever experienced.

Personalized Programs

From your specific goals and medical history we derive a precise program to meet your specific needs. We select specific exercises, methods of performance, and workout volume to guide your body toward your goals.


Our exercise methods are low-force, low-impact, and biomechanically correct. You are provided with detailed instruction of exercise safety and we ensure you adhere to these guidelines so that every exercise is performed in the safest possible manner.


At Overload your muscles are brought to a thorough inroad. This provides the greatest exercise stimulus possible. Thorough muscular inroad is only possible at Overload because of our proven training methods, superior equipment, clinical workout environment, and quality one-on-one instruction from experienced exercise practitioners.


Two-thirty minute workouts per week are all that any of our programs require to generate maximum results. Workouts are by appointment only. There are never any crowds and we take care of all equipment set-ups enabling you to move quickly from exercise to exercise.

To learn more, read about the Overload Training Protocol or Click Here to read about Overload’s specific training programs.

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