Overload Golf Conditioning Program

80% of all golfers suffer from back pain. Often these problems are exacerbated by further play. Regular use of the Back Concept equipment at Overload facilitates longer and better play. These machines were developed to exercise and strengthen all muscle groups connected to the spine.

The Overload Golf Conditioning Program will enable you to drive further and maintain greater control from the first to the last hole. The program will also reduce lower back pain and swing related injuries. All these benefits are achieved through improved strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Research shows strength and flexibility training significantly improves driving power, as indicated by increases in club head speed. The Overload Golf Conditioning Program strengthens the muscles involved in power production, lower to upper body force transfer, swing action and club control, and improves flexibility to increase swing distance for greater force application. Muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning are also improved, resulting in less fatigue and greater control from start to finish. Combined, these conditioning benefits translate to longer drives and lower scores.

Improving the game begins with you. Despite the technological advances in golf equipment, the average handicap for golfers has not dropped in the past 15 years. It is clearly evident that the clubs do not play the game, the golfer does. If you want to improve your handicap you have to improve your function as a golfer.

The Overload Golf Conditioning Program is extremely time-efficient. Only two, thirty-minute workouts per week are required to produce dramatic improvements in muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and enhanced recovery.

Don’t wait any longer – start now! Your handicap shouldn’t be your back.

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