Overload Fitness Equipment

At Overload we use state of the art equipment from both North America (SuperSlow Systems and MEDX) and Europe (DAVID). We are the only company in the United States to use this unique combination of equipment. Our facilities provide an experience that is unparalled in the world.

This state of the art equipment gives you a better workout in less time. Thirty minutes, twice a week is all it takes.

SuperSlow® Systems Exercise Equipment

State-of-the-art SuperSlow Systems exercise equipment is engineered specifically for the performance of the SuperSlow exercise protocol.  No other equipment is ideal for the SuperSlow exercise protocol—the absolute best approach to exercise. Many studios avoid using the SuperSlow protocol merely because they cannot obtain the SuperSlow Systems equipment.



SuperSlow Systems equipment provides resistance that matches your muscles’ strength in all positions of movement by the use of special cams and variable cam-timing. This enables the most efficient loading of your muscles.


SuperSlow Systems equipment works the body in accordance with muscle and joint functions. This enables a complete workout with the highest exercise quality in minimum time. There is no reason to spend hours each week in a gym!


SuperSlow Systems equipment provides the best exercise stimulus with the ultimate in safety. SuperSlow exercise protocol on SuperSlow Systems exercise equipment applies minimal and safe resistance to the body within the protection of constraints and ergonomically-correct positioning. This ensures kindness to your joints. Entry and exit are achieved without loading the muscles until properly positioned on each machine. SuperSlow Systems equipment accommodates clients of all sizes.


SuperSlow Systems equipment is extremely low-friction compared to equipment found in typical gyms and other personal exercise studios. It feels totally different, because it is designed and manufactured correctly. This underscores why this equipment cannot be obtained “off-the-shelf” from the usual equipment vendors. It is kept in perfect working condition and continually upgraded to enhance  exercise efficiency.




Visions and Ideas

Quality and efficiency is needed for athletes, patients and the general population alike.

DAVID is both an innovative idea and a timeless solution. DAVID is synonymous with superior quality and physiologically correct and refined patented movement technology in the most modern design. With the DAVID equipment, Overload allows you to achieve your highest fitness goals in minimum time. Superior results and excellence is our gold standard.

DAVID is dedicated to improvements in muscular strength and workout efficiency. DAVID is a company built on initiative, quality and integral thinking.

Pointing the way into the future

Initiative and Innovation

As a leading supplier of health-oriented, equipment-based concepts for prevention, therapy and rehabilitation, DAVID has achieved a supreme level of excellence by creating a unique synthesis of specialized knowledge, exclusive ambiance, state of the art technology and design for system equipment, in the service of rehabilitation, health care and sports.

Core of the David Back Concept now consists of computer based-measuring and exercise devices. The patented David Hip Lock System – often imitated, never duplicated – thereby supplies that basis for valid and reliable measurements in the area of the spine.



MEDX is one of the top exercise equipment manufacturers in the United States. MEDX founder Arthur Jones revolutionized the exercise industry in the late 1960’s with the creation of Nautilus Industries, Inc. It was at Nautilus that the concept of high intensity training was first developed. MEDX set out with the goal of creating the perfect equipment for medical use, particularly for spinal rehabilitation. MEDX has achieved his goal.

The MEDX website contains a number of published research articles to support their excellence in rehabilitation and strength training. We encourage you to visit their website for more information.

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