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“Over the course of the year, Stretching Out columnist Zachary Lewis tried strength training, flexibility workouts, weight loss exercises and endurance competitions. Here he competes in teh North Coast 24-hour Endurance Run in October. He offers his favorites from the year.”

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“The first thing you learn at Overload is that everything you know about fitness is wrong. Well, just about everything.

Calories still matter, but in the opinion of Overload founder Joshua Trentine, common terms such as cardio, reps and toning are worthless, and traditional weight lifting is a waste. ”

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“With Josh Trentine’s exclusive Overload Fitness program, you can have the body you’ve always wanted in just 20 minutes a day, twice a week.”

“Productive exercise must be an ultra-intense stress, yet too much stress can be counterproductive,” he explains.

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“Here’s how two former physical therapists developed what some experts are already calling the “the industry’s most efficient workout.

Losing weight and getting in shape can be challenging. Changing a lifetime of habits takes time, practice and support. That’s why so many people—successful in every other aspect of their lives—may fail to achieve appropriate personal fitness. The memories of nearly all of us are scattered with countless fad diets and unused gym memberships.

Finally, there is a better way.”

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Trapper Jack

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WDOK 120.1 Trapper Jack in the Morning Interview with Joshua Trentine (President of Overload Fitness)


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:: Fast Gains Using High Intensity Super Slow Movements :: Guest: Joshua Trentine :: Is it possible to train an hour a week and make massive muscular gains? From Arthur Jones to Mike Mentzer many have sought a way to stimulate greater muscle growth with more efficient training methods. Trentine may have discovered the reason that some don’t respond to High Intensity Training methods and details a training protocol that could allow you to train an hour a week and make the gains that you’ve always dreamed about. ::

Like most people, you probably find it hard to fit exercise into your busy schedule. The good news is you don’t have to spend your life in the gym to be fit and healthy.

Two-twenty minute sessions per week with OVERLOAD is all you need to achieve maximum fitness.

Exercise is no different than most other things in life; it is not the quantity but the quality that makes the difference.

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