Overload is the first workout routine that I have ever stuck to in my life. I have diligently worked out at Overload Fitness since November of 2007. Overload provides me with the convenience that limits the workout time to less than ½ hour; the trainers provide me with the confidence to maximize my workout and to achieve the results that I was looking for. Not to mention, my conditioning from Overload allowed me to recover from hip replacement surgery in record time.

“It is hard to believe that I have been training at Overload for nine years. It is the only workout program that I have diligently tuck to for my entire life. The routine of working out twice a week for less than 30 minutes per session fits into my schedule perfectly. Nine years ago I was afraid of strength training and now I am afraid to stop. Overload Fitness has made a difference in my day to day life and has allowed me to overcome back pain and a hip replacement. It has provided me with the strength and fitness to continue to be a competitive golfer. It is the epitome of ”no pain, no gain”. Keep up the great work and continue to push me at every session.”

Rick Areddy

“The Overload training system is something I wish I had access to when I played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. When I trained in the past, it was about long hours and hundreds of reps to achieve my goals. Now I focus on both the positive and negative phases of the exercise and not just trying to lift as much weight as possible. It takes less time and I feel better now more then I did in my playing days, and with all of my injury problems that is saying a lot! Thanks Overload!”

Austin Carr, The Cleveland Cavaliers

“Out of nowhere in October 2010, I had a stroke. My entire right side was basically gone: unable to lift my arm, unable to stand or walk. After 17 days in acute in impatient rehab, I could walk reasonably with a cane, but was far from normal. I happened to bump into Overload founder Josh Trentine and we talked about my condition. It was evident that besides tile excellent outpatient occupational and physical therapy that I was receiving, Josh felt Overload strength training would help my recovery immeasurably. He was absolutely right! Today I no longer do either occupational or physical therapy, but I do Overload every week. My strength is back to greater than it was before the stroke. I am back to skiing and am able to enjoy everything that I could do before! I am a believer.”

Ken Dery

Joe joined Overload Fitness first. After a few months of seeing his progress I joined. We have been very happy with our results individually and as a couple. Coming to Overload Fitness throughout my pregnancy helped strengthen my everchanging body,

give me endurance through labor and help with my quick recovery. Both Joe and myself

enjoy working with and being

challenged by such a talented group of trainers.”

Jaime & Joe Jozic

Renee: When I read about an exercise facility that gave you an intense work out in only 20 minutes without sweating, I was

intrigued to say the least. Josh t

ook me through the consultation and then I got excited. Ok, let’s see how this goes … A short

while late

r I talked Greg into trying it.

Greg: I was a little hesitant because I have my routine at home but I gave into my wife. Renee kept telling me that th

is was

something different. After a few sessions, I realized that the workout that I was receiving at Overload couldn’t be duplicate

d on

my own. I was hooked.

Chanel: I wasn’t too sure about it because I was used to my daily workout at the gym. I g

ave it a try and love tile fact that I can

get a complete workout in 20 minutes instead of having to carve out an hour and a half of my evening.

Greg & Renee Morris and Chanel Plunno

“The Overload high intensity training protocol has been an essential p

art of my life for almost 20 years. I believe it has helped

me to stay young and active. I am proud to have trained with Ken Hutchins, the founder of the protocol and with Josh Trentine


the founder of Overload, as well as my ongoing work with tile excelle

nt team of dedicated and accomplished trainers at


Carol Wittman

“I’m a typical human being who wants to work out but rarely makes time for it. When good friends, Rick and Jim mentioned

the theory and impact Overload was having on them I was

very intrigued!

My career has me traveling extensively with a crazy schedule which doesn’t allow an hour to focus on exercise

thus Overload

has been a part of my life for over 6 Years now!

I love the flexible schedule, 2x weekly, and in/out in 25 mins or

less and not having to change out of my business clothes!

The staff is friendly but also kicks my butt to ensure optimal value each visit. Most notable is back strength

it has changed my


I’m stronger and healthier because of this program and team

thanks Overload!”

Scott McMillen

“When I first decided to try Overload my initial thought was to build muscle mass to counteract the effects of aging.

I happily discovered many other benefits of the program.

My back became stronger resulting in fewer a

nd fewer trips to the chiropractor. My endurance increased with my golf game,

traveling became easier, and best of all is being able to keep up with my grandchildren and all their activities.

Thanks Overload!”

Beth McMillen

“OVERLOAD is the best birthda

y present I ever gave myself!

After a lifetime of yo

yo dieting and inconsistent, undisciplined exercise, I learned about the OVERLOAD method of weight

resistance training over a decade ago and have never looked back!

With a history of physical limitations

due to two spinal surgeries, I feel completely safe in working with my OVERLOAD

trainers since the protocol was created by physical therapists. At 61, I am more fit, look healthier, and feel better than ev

er. My

statistics have improved by every measure:

weight, inches, metabolic rate, and dress size.

I recently gave OVERLOAD to my husband as our weekly ‘Saturday morning date’ and often add a second workout for myself


week. A key element of our lifestyle, even after ten years, my OVERLOAD trainers cont

inually challenge my capabilities,

and have helped me achieve consistent improvement.

Thank you, OVERLOAD!”

Jeanne Michaelides

“I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to thank Overload Fitness. About 15 years ago Joshua told me that strength

training was beneficial to every function of our body. A lot changes in 15 years and most especially our bodies as we age.

However, one thing that doesn’t change is our need for strength training. I am blessed to train with Jessie. She is very atte



d encouraging. She goes out of her way to follow up with me after sessions if I have any discomfort. I feel like family and n


just another client. Training at Overload Fitness has halted the progression of my osteoporosis. It has also given me strengt



nd stamina to go on mission trips to countries such as Mozambique and Mexico. Thank you Overload Fitness!”

Michelle King

“Chuck and I each have been going to Overload for several years and we both enjoy the challenge and camaraderie. Chuck


says it’s like walking into “Cheers”….at least until you get called to go into that “other” room! We both enjoy being

active, especially on vacation, and thanks to our Overload training, have been able to take several great biking trips and li

ve to

tell t

he tale!

All of the trainers work hard to make sure we push ourselves…but not too much so we don’t get hurt….and offer the right

amount of encouragement to keep us engaged and ready to come back for more. Last year, Chuck experienced some significant


problems and the folks at Overload were amazing to work with to safely transition him from physical therapy back into

his regular work

out routine.

We can’t say enough about our experience at Overload….Where else can you get a great work

out in twenty mi

nutes that’s

almost fun?!”

Ann Zellmer

“There is nothing quite like my Wednesday morning torture session…and week after week I just keep coming back for more! I

love the mental and physical training of what goes into an Overload workout session and Jes

sie just knows how to make me go

the extra distance… especially when she gets laughter and tears from me, something we both look forward to on a weekly

basis!! With two exceedingly athletic sons, my Overload training gives me the physical strength and abil

ity to (somewhat!)

keep up with them and having been with Overload for over 6 years, I can truly say it is consistently the best workout routine


have and it has made such a difference in my life. Thank you Overload and looking forward to all future tortu

re training with

the Tiny Terror!!!”

Venetia Forbes

“I came to Overload to improve my posture and to get some relief for my chronic back pain. The trainers at Overload have

exceeded my expectations

no more back pain, better posture and the strength

to get through what life throws at me. It has

been a win

win all around. Thank you! “

Carmela Hill

“Overload just works. I’ve stayed for five years because it’s not your typical gym, it’s a program. The super slow principles


exercise get results. I

have access to several trainers, so I get trained by people who know me yet each trainer has something

different for me to learn. I’m doing this for the long haul.”

Dennis Hill

“My 7+ years experience at Overload Fitness has been Fabulous! The trainers

are very professional, knowledgeable, and

friendly. They really motivate me to achieve “failure” in minimum time which results in truly maximum fitness. Who knew that

20 minutes of “dedicated torture” could be so rewarding!! Thank you Overload.”

Joan Mo


“I first met Josh before he started his business when I needed physical therapy for an overworked knee 14 plus years ago.

When he left that employment, I followed him into his business. Before Josh, I had tried several different types of workouts


did not stay with any of them. I am extremely happy with my results during the past 14 years. I used to trip and fall a lot.


fun and often times very painful. The very first benefit I noticed was increased balance. I still trip occasionally, but do n


t fall. I

am able to catch myself. The personal, specific focus for my needs and personal attention are an unbeatable combination. I

recommend Overload whenever the opportunity arises.”

Nancy Thrams

“I started with Josh shortly after Nance. I had painf

ul arthritic knees. I have less pain now and a lot more strength in my entire

body. And I feel generally a whole lot stronger. Kristina is a great coach and always takes the time to answer any questions


may have. Coaching is so important because when my

drive is spent it is important to have someone motivating me to fail!”

Fran Twomey

Doug and I have exercised all of our adult lives. We embrace healthy living and know the benefits of a strong workout.

Until Jeff and Ann Nock introduced us to a new app

roach to exercise, however, we didn’t realize the benefit of strength

building. Overload has been a tremendous asset helping us achieve our goal of maximum fitness. Thanks to all of the

trainers who are as committed as we are to a healthy lifestyle. Happy

New Year!

Jan Miller

“When my friend Nancy recommended Super Slow to me about 13 years ago, I thought, “No way. It sounds like ‘lose

weight while you sleep’”. I had been going to a traditional gym and assumed you had to take an hour and a half out of

your day each time and endure the group showers. I understood fairly quickly that Super Slow actually works. As I

continue to age and feel vibrant, I will continue to enjoy having my weekly workouts

especially with this caring and

insightful staff.”


mie Albert

“Overload is all about conditioning and fitness tailored to our individual needs and goals. For me, over the years, that has

included recovery from injuries, mobilization after surgeries, and now on to “powerlifting” of grandkids. The courteous


professional guidance from everyone on staff builds confidence as well as strength.”

Jim O’Donnell

“My exercise program at Overload is over


top! I found this to be very different from anything I tried before. In just a

short time, I am stronger

and leaner than I ever could have imagined!! Thank you Overload Trainers

you’re the best!!”

Darlene Harris

“Exercise is not an option; exercise is essential. It’s an added bonus when I like the exercise. I love Overload

Fitness! I feel better when I l

eave than when I arrive. I have more energy, I feel strong, I am happy.

At 72, I’m a 13

year survivor of stage 3C breast cancer. Since Overload keeps the temperature low, I don’t worry

about my lymphedema. Though I take a drug that causes bone loss, I’ve

had none. I had a hip replacement and

now I have a shoulder injury so Josh helped Kristina personalize my exercise routine. I know it works when

complete strangers ask not if, but where I exercise.

Kristina is amazing! She’s always on time. She’s always

“fantastic.” She pays attention, she listens, she pushes me,

she’s patient

all with a sense of humor.

Thank you Overload Fitness for a job well done!”

Karin Knutsen

“I lead an active life style and here’s why: Overload Fitness. My time at Overload

is spent mostly with Jessie and

sometimes Kristina. Thanks to them, every session is always a focused/centered experience. I appreciate their

thoughtful planning, rigorous attention to details, efficient training techniques, and passion for their work. Th


wonderful result, for me, is stronger muscles, which is why I can continue keeping active and doing things I enjoy!”

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